WHO updates mask recommendations.

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The World Health Organization (WHO), has provided new recommendations on the use of mask as a way of preventing the spread of covid-19, based on new scientific data.

The main changes, particularly in areas of community or collective transmission, are the wider use of masks in healthcare centres and specifications on use of non-medical masks for the general public.

WHO recommendations

  • The WHO continues to advice that everyone with a suspect or confirmation of infection, or who is waiting for the test results, should wear a ´mask when in presence of other people, and this does not apply to those who wait the results only to can travel. In all other cases, WHO suggests that the general public wear non-surgical masks.
  • In areas of known or suspected transmission of the new coronavirus, “WHO recommends that everyone wear a mask, inside or even outside, where the physical distance of at least one meter can’t be maintained”, suggest the new recommendations.
  • In health centers, all people inside should follow this rule.
  • People admitted in the hospital should wear a mask when physical distance can’t be kept or when they are outside their treatment areas.
  • The WHO reports that in closed spaces with several people, everyone “should wear a mask, unless ventilation is assessed as adequate”.
  • In the case of receiving visits at home, “people should wear a mask when receiving guests if they can’t keep their distance or assess ventilation is good” the document states.
  • The WHO also recommends that people do not wear masks during vigorous physical activities.
  • Another alteration is the fact that the WHO discourages the production and use of masks with exhalation valves because they “bypass the filtering function of the fabric mask”.

The previous update of WHO recommendations on mask use was on 5 June.

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By Klaus from Porto on 09-12-2020 08:27

I agree with you Daniel. It's a farce that's driven by fear. Masks don't do thing. I never wear one in UK in two months. I had surgery in hospital and did life on airplanes and all kinds of transport. Went shopping and all the normal stuff one does. There is no need for a vaccine. I'm happy to see that Portugal are slightly more ethical, although obsessed that the mask will keep them safe.

By Linda from Lisbon on 08-12-2020 12:42

Where is the evidence for these recommendations? Provide the studies if they exist .

The corrupt WHO will not, because the evidence does not exist. They have reversed their own advice based on nothing but political pressure.

Time to bring these criminals to justice .

By John from Beiras on 07-12-2020 06:17


Top EU Scientist Warns COVID-19 Vaccine Linked To Sterilization of Women,

Watch and learn,

By Guy from Other on 07-12-2020 02:37

It isnt contagious, it is contagious It isnt a pandemic, it is a pandemic Dont wear a mask, wear a mask, lockdown, dont lockdown. The only consistent message from the WHO is do what we say, and give us more money

By Daniel from USA on 07-12-2020 10:06

We're facing an unbelievably deadly plague and any human contact might act as a "super spreader" incident that could ultimately destroy humanity via a seasonal flu with a survival rate of 100 percent if you want to round to the nearest whole number.

By jan from Other on 07-12-2020 06:41
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