Portugal border service chief quits after fatal beating of Ukrainian traveller

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 10-12-2020 12:00:00 · 5 Comments

After months of backlash over the fatal beating of a Ukrainian man detained at Lisbon airport head of SEF quits.

The head of Portugal’s SEF immigration and borders service resigned on Wednesday after months of backlash over the fatal beating of a Ukrainian man detained at Lisbon airport for trying to enter the country without a valid visa. Ihor Homenyuk died in March at an airport detention centre run by SEF where he was taken after refusing to board a flight out of the country. Three immigration officers accused of beating up Homenyuk with an expandable baton after the man became “agitated” over his detention, have been charged with murder.

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If they are so racist, why not just leave the country? Those who berate the GNR, remember that one officer gave his life, whilst off duty, intervening in a domestic dispute. Most are good.

By Ian from Lisbon on 18-12-2020 08:34

The SEF officers are trained to deal with illegal immigrants. Nothing excuses their behaviour, murder charges are appropriate. The Portuguese GNR, cops and SEF are racist and if they could have hidden this heinous crime and dusted it under the rug they would have. So many instances of Portuguese police brutality that go unpunished. No matter if the victim was an illegal immigrant, he certainly didn’t deserve to be beaten to death.

By John from Algarve on 17-12-2020 10:47

What we have here a ONE sided ideas but NOT from the officers. First the man was in Portugal illegally and did not want to leave. People call them Thugs why give you have illegal person not obeying lawful orders so what should the officers DO.

Did he refuse to obey lawful orders YES. He was fighting with the officers yes? A person using the term Racism which is HOAX a LIE to destroy standards needed to keep quality of life in Portugal.

I do not trust fake news I want balance new. It could been mistake happens but HE was illegal.

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 13-12-2020 01:14

These 3 people will be prosecuted and convicted according to the law.

They are responsible for what they did.

But do not blame other persons. And complete organizations. That do a good job.

By Gustav from Algarve on 12-12-2020 03:36


Rightly so, Portuguese sef, gnr, and cops are RACISTS!

They injure abuse, huge numbers in Portugal, these racist thugs should be disbanded!
Killed a innocent Ukraine man, these thugs must get Life in jail

Throw the key away.

By Guy f from Beiras on 10-12-2020 05:57
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