Portugal stands by €11m annual fee to keep Web Summit in Lisbon

By TPN/Lusa, in Business · 15-12-2020 08:00:00 · 1 Comments

Increased adoption of video-conferencing has raised questions about the future of the Web Summit business model itself.

Prime Minister António Costa has told the Irish Times he stands by a deal to grant €11 million a year to host the Web Summit as the pandemic forced the event to move online this year. There has been mounting criticism of the deal in Portugal after the Covid-19 pandemic forced the event to be held online, wiping out the income that would have been spent in the local economy by conference attendees, while the increased adoption of video-conferencing has raised questions about the future of the business model itself.

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Generally I do not agree with Government decisions in businesses. The Prime Minister is RIGHT in keeping the Web summit physically in Portugal with MONEY. This fad, hoax idea of remote video conferencing to do business does not work on basic level.. Video conferencing supports businesses but to do business has it limitations.

The fun of Business is about the Human touch knowing the person to trust for businesses. Building trust NO but supporting it YES. To know a person you have to be around them Listen to them. The video conferencing supports trust through information and knowing the person. The fun relationship has to exist before the computer.

Question can I prove video learning and businesses is limited. My example in USA children remote learning numbers and how it produces depression in Children. If leaning through the computer works then Children learning would improved and more fun for children.

What has been the reality is Children hate it. They miss other children and school it self with activities. Test scores have gone down.. Learning has gone down children hate it. There is YouTube of a parent recorded his child view of NOT being in physical school and with friends. Friends make Businesses work. Then he recorder other children views of remote learning on the computer. Depressing.

It depress them and they want to go back and be with other children and learn. If computer education failed for children why would it work for adults to form businesses friendships which is emotional. Keeping the Summit in Portugal is good Business for he is supporting this business during GOVERNMENT shut down of business.

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 23-12-2020 07:33
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