“Due to the growing number of removable structures “wooden houses” which have appeared in different parts of the municipality of Loulé, particularly in rural and forested areas. The Municipality of Loulé clarifies that their licensing is mandatory since they are subject to specific regimes in terms of spatial planning,” said a statement from the council in the Algarve.

Following the recommendations of the National Territory Commission to the municipalities - https://cnt.dgterritorio.gov.pt/sites/default/files/Recomendacao%201_2019_CNT_0.PDF -, the Municipality of Loulé has warned of the fact that all removable structures, as is the case with mobile homes, and similar structures, must comply with the prior control and territorial planning regimes.

“Within the framework of the Legal System for Urbanisation and Building, licensing for this type of building is mandatory given the existence of connection elements with local and general infrastructure (connection to water, sanitation, electricity, gas), which implies the permanent and lasting character of these structures, as well as the existence of incorporation into the soil, namely through pipes, which is why it is considered an urban operation, the execution of which is subject to the prior opinion of the City Council”, the statement reads.

The Municipality also states that it will only be possible to install a removable structure in this municipality if it is found that its use is in line with the land-use regimes established by the territorial plans and the Municipal Master Plan.
“This action is intended to raise awareness among all owners and future owners of this type of structure for its legalisation. This type of equipment proliferates not only in our municipality, but in other Algarve municipalities, so it is essential to regulate this situation to safeguard and enhance the territory against actions effecting the environment, the landscape and the heritage that human action on the land involves”, underlines the local authorities.