Following the economic and social impact that measures to combat the covid-19 spread have caused in the local economy, as well as in the purchasing power of families, among the various economical problems that the pandemic has caused in general, the municipality will adopt measures and channel efforts to provide assistance to those who need it most.

To put this into practice, Lagoa is preparing somemechanisms, which will involve the offer of one coupon for each 10 Euros in purchases, to the population. According to Lagoa Council’s website: “these coupons will be used in adhering establishments, with a total of 10 coupons for each purchase, which will be raffled at the end of each month. Winning citizens will receive vouchers to spend in local businesses”.

Furthermore, the Municipality will distribute around €52,000 for the unemployed, giving amounts ranging from €1,500 down to €20.

In Lagoa council there are 1,300 people registered at the employment centre that will receive a voucher at home to make purchases at local establishments.

“With this decision, we are helping those who are unemployed and have seen their income decrease, supporting the general population and, mainly, the local trade. The incentive for local commerce will be carried out in two phases. In a first phase, in which we encourage the population to buy in the adhering establishments in the municipality, to be able to receive coupons, and in a second phase, where we raffle vouchers so that the population can buy products in local establishments again”, says the Mayor, Luís Encarnação.

In addition to this incentive, Lagoa will reinforce the Christmas baskets that will be distributed to the various referenced families in the municipality, contributing with essential food for people to have a meal with their family.