According to Rogério Bacalhau, the municipality has a network of official bodies, associations and social solidarity institutions on the ground to ensure that the 24 homeless referred to in the municipality are prepared to overcome the cold wave affecting the country and the Algarve.

The mayor explained that the municipality has "contingency plans against the climatic conditions and also the pandemic active" and that the section of the Municipal Civil Protection Commission meets "two to three times a week" to prepare support to these people, stressing that some do not accept the help, such as the use of an area created in the fire service for overnight stays.

"Particularly at this time, when climatic conditions are a bit harsh due to low temperature, we have been monitoring these people who are referred to as homeless, which at the moment are around 24 situations. But of these, only five people are living on the street, the others are in abandoned houses or things like that", said the mayor.

The work is carried out through Faro's Centre for Planning and Intervention of the Homeless (PISA), "which monitors throughout the year and particularly at this time," with the support "of the security forces - GNR and PSP -, the Union of Parishes of Sé and São Pedro, the G.A.T.O [Support Group for Drug Addicts], MAPS [Movement to Support the Problem of AIDS] and Santa Casa da Misericórdia".