Rico jumps, plays withtoys and interacts with other dogs – He’s a very happy dog.

In March, Sharron and Treve Ellis, saw a post on Facebook showing Rico at a vets. “The post stated that if no one came forward before 5pm to adopt the dog then he would be put to sleep”, they said.

“We couldn’t let that happen”, said the couple, who also run a small dog rescue in Vila Nova de Cacela, called Cacela Dog Haven.

Sharron and Treve Ellis remembered: “When he came to us, he was six weeks old and was very tiny; he fitted in the palm of a hand”. Currently, he is a very happy dog. In spite of his condition, he can do lots of things. “There’s nothing stopping him now”, said Treve Ellis to The Portugal News. Rico jumps, plays with toys and interacts with the other dogs that the family have in their house.

Now, Rico will haveeven more reasons to smile. At the end of January, Rico will receive wheels to help him to move better. They said: “We found Dog Locomotion in Lisbon by Pedro Póvoa, that makes wheels for dogs, so we contacted him and he said that he could help, so we went to Lisbon” to take measurements and in 6 weeks he will get the wheels.

This couple, who live in Portugal, but whose work still requires some travel to the United Kingdom, love animals and make their contribution through the Association Cacela Dog Haven, in Vila Nova de Cacela, which belongs to the couple. Cacela Dog Haven currently has 31 animals for adoption, of which five have disabilities.

For further information about the Cacela Dog Haven, please email caceladoghaven@gmail.com or call 926 767 544