With some variations, Portugal is the only country in the world with more than a thousand cases per million inhabitants on average over the last seven days, according to the website Our World in Data (1,018 cases), of the University of Oxford, and the Portuguese Eyedata (1,014 cases), with data updated on Sunday.

While Portugal is topping the lists for new cases of Covid-19, in terms of total cases per million inhabitants, Portugal appears in 20th place with a rate of 53.9 in a list in which small territories such as Andorra, Montenegro or San Marino come to the fore, before the first large country, the United States, which ranks sixth, with 72.3 cases per million.

In the Eyedata list, the United States are in fourth place after small territories and Portugal appears in 17th place in total cases per million inhabitants (53.7).

In Our World in Data, Portugal appears in second place in the number of deaths per million inhabitants in the last seven days (14.9), only surpassed by Slovenia (19.2).

Eyedata, which counts the number of deaths per million since the beginning of the pandemic, places Portugal (866 per million), in the 30th place on this list led by Belgium, with 1,770 deaths per million inhabitants attributed to covid-19 , and Slovenia, with 1,523.

On Sunday, the last day for which data are available and 152 people died with covid-19, Portugal was the 12th country in the world with the most deaths attributed to the disease per million inhabitants.

At Eyedata, Portugal is the 18th country in the world with the most tests per million inhabitants (610,311 tests in total). According to Our World in Data, the country has an 18 percent rate of positive tests compared to those performed.