Councils start limiting access to beaches and public spaces

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A number of Algarve councils have started restricting access to beaches

A number of Algarve councils have started restricting access to beaches. Portimão council today conditioned access to various areas along the coast and public spaces in the municipality to prevent crowds gathering, in light of the worsening covid-19 pandemic. Access to the recreational marina, to the most popular beaches, riverside areas and benches in public spaces and gardens is prohibited. Faro council also close access to its beach to "reduce the likelihood of contagion". Vila Real de Santo António has also closed off a number of wooden walkways that give access to its beaches.

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This is sick, the beaches are always quiet this time of the year. The beach is my gymnasium. OK we have a virus that with 10% more people dying last year than average. Lets protect the old. However how many deaths caused by the panic. Suicide, people not eating well because no money or jobs. people afraid to go to the hospital or the doctor. So how many really died from covid
I don't know about here, just wondering but in England doctors won't go out to care homes now as normal procedures like they did before Covid. The result, hours queuing in Ambulances with residents!!!!!!! I think to make the news look more spectacular and put fear in the Sheeple. It seems to be happening across the globe, wake up everyone, what the hell is going on. We should be encouraging people to get out exercise keep fit, get more vitamin D for immunity, but this instead!!!!!! It is seriously sick. We have to ask what is the ulterior motive, it seems even the governments are being controlled.

By John from Alentejo on 26-01-2021 05:19

Yesterday here at Moz beach the steps were taped up but people were still on the beach, family group and dog walkers.Since we have been in Portugal the only time there is more than a handful of people on the beach is Sunday but even then there is no danger of close contact!

By Ian Madeley from Algarve on 26-01-2021 12:37

Completely ridiculous. No infections spread by people walking/exercising on beaches in Algarve. During last lockdown only people sitting on beaches were asked to move on. This was a sensible measure.

By Barry Hawley-Green from Algarve on 26-01-2021 08:13

Sure let’s close everything forever...right? Let’s wear masks forever too. My sarcasm is light but just my opinion of course I say Let us Live Life. How long will some people go along with all the new “rules and restrictions” before they truly question what is going on. How long will some put up with this “great reset”? Anyways cheers and god bless you all.

By Clownking from Algarve on 25-01-2021 01:22

Living near Sao Martinho do Porto, where the beaches are virtually deserted at this time of year, I strongly question the rational of restricting access to the beach and boardwalk

By Michael Linney from Other on 25-01-2021 11:38

Crowded beaches ??

By Gustav from Algarve on 24-01-2021 05:16

What a stupid action.
The beaches are almost empty.
Few persons taking a walk. That is it.
And now this is forbidden.
There are no crowd on the beaches this time of the year.
Do something useful instead.
For example in stores. Were people put on their mask.
And than behave as before Covid.

By Gustav from Algarve on 24-01-2021 05:09

In most countries the flu has vanished. During the last years the number of flu-deads is about the same as the number of Covid19-deaths.
Do the sheeple not see, whats clear to see now: The tests dont make a difference between flue and Covid! If they say, the flue vanished because of the mask, thats a ridiculous argument, as with the masks and all the other acts the Covid19 did not vanish.

In medical science there has never been a legal proof of "bad" virus or even bacteria.
Do you know, that a virus is smaller than smoke, does smoke go through your mask?
But dont wory, there is no bad virus anywhere. Its just a big corruption-crime that wants to make you fear.

By johannes from Alentejo on 24-01-2021 04:50
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