Police told to ‘prioritise’ immediate payment of lockdown fines

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 25-01-2021 20:00:00 · 7 Comments

Administrative fees will be added to fines of those who don’t pay straight away

Portugal’s police forces have been told to focus on collecting immediate payment for on-the-spot fines issued to people flouting confinement restrictions. In a statement sent to the media, Home Affairs Minister Eduardo Cabrita said security forces have been instructed to ‘give privilege’ to “the immediate payment of fines issued to those violating confinement rules”. Administrative fees will be added to fines of those who don’t pay straight away

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Seriously this is all a last minute desperate ploy to kill of a certain type of blood group A+ and those responsible are all a part of the cabal and will be charged ,by Mr Trump when he is good and ready , for crimes against humanity...

By Rachel Claire Pfafflin from Other on 27-01-2021 03:57

My eyes are open Nemo, you fool.

By Marco from Alentejo on 26-01-2021 09:23

You let people post this conspiracy theory sh*t??? Has what has happened in the USA not taught you anything? Thousands of people are dying in Portugal. You are endangering people's lives.

By Paul Miller from Lisbon on 26-01-2021 05:08

never underestimate the stupidity and greed of corrupt politicians. These "violations" are what happens when you allow the corrupt elected official to play king. A rule is not a law.
Bad news. "Covid" is a mild flu and yes it kills the elderly just like the flu does every year. Thousands die EVERY year but nobody cares.

The covid and a mask are much more fun. Denying citizens their rights gets the pols re-elected. Right, portugal?

By rod from USA on 26-01-2021 02:17

Isn't this against the law? Can someone explain?

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 26-01-2021 11:58

Police have more important things to do.
To handle real criminals.
Not normal persons driving in a car, not doing anything harmful.

But it is easy to stop normal cars on the road.
Than catching criminals.

Please stop this stupidity
And concentrated police forces on important things.
And concentrate Corona regulations to things that makes a difference.

I did not expect this of Portugal

By Gustav from Algarve on 26-01-2021 10:33

Don’t pay these fines!

Refuse! The lockdown is criminally illegal, and the pandemic is a hoax!

Fight back against the political communist liars!

Open your eyes!

By Nemo from Algarve on 26-01-2021 03:01
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