According to the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, only residents of Spain, cross-border workers, drivers of goods vehicles or those with essential issues can cross the authorised borders.

"The severity of the restrictive mobility measures still in force in Spain and Portugal recommends the maintenance of [...] controls at the internal land border between the two countries with the same limitations that were applied during the initial 10 days", according to the Diário da República in Portugal.

The previous resolution was extended until 10 February, and now the Spanish Interior Ministry has agreed to a further extension until the first day of March.

These measures were taken in coordination with the Portuguese Government, which on 28 January decided to limit travel outside mainland, by any means of transport, and to restore control at borders.

Lisbon and Madrid have stipulated that there are eight permanent crossing points between the two countries, namely in Valença, Vila Verde da Raia, Quintanilha, Vilar Formoso, Marvão, Caia, Vila Verde and Castro Marim, and six crossing points at specific times.