However, with Covid-19 coming into the picture, there has been uncertainty in almost all aspects of life, and digital signage solutions are not an exception. Most people do not feel safe sharing screens in open spaces anymore. When the pandemic started, it was understandable that no one was comfortable sharing devices. Luckily. Digital signage provides an amicable solution to every business. It is much more than sharing devices and can attract, retain and engage people in various environments. Your business can gain a competitive advantage despite the Covid-19 threat with a solution developed by Look Digital Signage. The following are some examples from different industries on how it can support your company’s marketing efforts during these challenging times:


The retail sector has probably felt the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic the most, which has led to embracing digital signage while trying to get back on track. Considering that most consumers are refraining from being near retail staff or touching the products, a solution is much-needed. This is when people require selling displays to offer advice and recommendations or digital screens showing content regarding a particular brand. Digital signage provides the best opportunity to engage and facilitate consumer interaction with products, even with the covid-19 threat. Such efforts lead to a direct impact on sales and profit margin.


As the covid-19 pandemic get to its peak, many offices are closing, and employees are required to work from home. However, as people get back to the workplace, the focus is ensuring everyone is safe, and digital signage plays a crucial role in fulfilling this objective. The solution is to make the transition to this new normal as smooth as possible. With the use of informative signage, reminders about social distancing and capacity and way-finding information spread all over; you do not need staff to monitor people because the message is readily available to your target audience. The solution is to use voice activation to reduce the number of shared touch points. Such displays minimize interactions while making sure all other activities continue as scheduled.


Reducing waiting times is quite crucial, especially in the banking industry. Digital signage allows the implementation of interactive self-service tools in various branches. It gives the banking sector a chance to improve customer experience by displaying essential information such as stock exchange news and forecasts. It is an excellent solution to ensure that no matter the pandemic's threat, people can access information and services while observing the social distancing guidelines including observing minimal interactions.


Have you ever wondered how effectively you can run your restaurant without having too many employees working day in and day out? Digital signage solutions work to your advantage, and the hospitality industry has not been left behind. Amid the Covid-19 threat, you can change things like the board menu while staying at home and avoid wasting your employees' time. Likewise, it becomes more comfortable to pass information to hotel guests about extra services, current news, weather forecasts and the hot spots that need visiting.


As students focus on getting back to school, the emphasis is on ensuring their safety, which is why digital signage comes into place. There is a need for clear, consistent and updated messaging in areas like the reception, corridors and teaching spaces. Eye-catching graphics and text can help ensure various messages are passed onto and understood by all students. Institutions can also implement digital signage software to facilitate remote learning.

Every business is facing unprecedented challenges presented by the threat of Covid-19 pandemic. However, while it is challenging, that does not mean the economy has to remain stagnant. There is a need to reopen the economy, and various sectors can implement digital signage solutions to protect everyone and still be in business. Such systems will significantly contribute to protecting consumers' and employees' health with influential brands and retailers, thanks to innovative promotional platforms.