You might want to mark Wednesdays in your calendar as "Expat Centre Portugal Community Time", as until further notice we have moved the in-person Coffee & Conversation to an online platform, where members can meet in small groups.

In the evenings we’re hosting either an Online Coffee & Conversation meeting or a Webinar for current or future foreign residents.

When we started only a year ago, many of our members didn't know each other and over the course of that year they are now part of an ever-growing network of likeminded people, who like to spend time with each other. It makes all the difference to your wellbeing, when you are part of a meaningful group.

At the Expat Centre Portugal, we connect people. Meeting up increases feelings of connectedness and increases the well-being for everyone involved. We do our best to foster a sense of community.

Moving to another country or continent can be exciting and daunting at the same time, it can also be challenging to find the right and most up to date information .

The Expat Centre Portugal helps internationals prepare themselves for the move to their new home in Portugal, and to build a steady network of friends once they’ve arrived. We make sure they feel welcome, safe and supported for this exciting new chapter in their life.

Our webinars are created in collaboration with knowledgeable professionals who's services we appreciate. Together with the speakers, the Expat Centre Portugal has created a Q&A Page, where you can find most answers to your pending questions.

Ideal if you're planning on living here, or have just arrived and want to be prepared!

Together with a panel of professionals with outstanding knowledge in their field of expertise, the Expat Centre Portugal helps newcomers to feel prepared, informed, secure and welcomed in beautiful Portugal.

Our free webinars are held a minimum of twice every month. They are open to everyone and we welcome your questions and curiosity.

Upcoming webinars

17.02 Unravel the complex world of Insurances

24.02 Ways to beat the banks and save more on your international money transfers

10.03 Currency Transfer Matters for Portuguese Relocation or Holiday Home

24.03 Golden Visa, Now or Never

14.04 5 Things you need to know about purchasing property

21.04 NHR & Brexit: Make sure you understand the rules

Names of Speakers:

  • Mark Quinn, Partner at Blevins Franks Financial Management to UK nationals living in southern Europe.
  • Jennifer Crutchley, local currency specialist at Foreign Currency Direct.
  • Fatima Gonçalves, Insurance specialist and owner of Jim Player, one of the Algarve’s leading Independent Insurance Agencies.
  • Dr. Leonor Valente Monteiro from Martinez-Echevarria Law firm.
  • The international American Andrès Jennings from Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices.
  • Our global currency exchange expert, Iva Slavtcheva from Orlando, Florida.

To register for the webinars or Online Coffee & Conversation, visit

To register for the webinars, visit