“It is difficult to describe such a special moment for me, the fulfilment of a dream. My debut for the FC Porto main team! I am grateful to everyone who contributed to this moment, but especially to all my teammates who have helped me every day”, said the midfielder, in a message on social media.

Francisco Conceição, who is 18 years old and the son of coach Sérgio Conceição, made his debut during the second half of the game against Boavista and was involved in two moments that could have decided the game in favour of ‘dragons’.

In the first, he got a penalty, when the game was 2-2, which was wasted by Sérgio Oliveira, and in the second, it was the play that resulted in Evanilson’s goal, which was eventually disallowed after referee Manuel Mota consulted the VAR.

“It is a mixture of feelings, because we did not achieve the victory for which we fought so hard, but there are moments that nobody can erase and this has been marked in my life. We will continue to fight for this until the end! It’s just the beginning, ”added the player.