We’ll introduce the movers and shakers such as Angels,VCs, Startups, and those who help shape the tech industry in Portugal. We’ll introduce worldwide technological advancements and shine a spotlight on the startups taking their first baby steps, to the Unicorns who have their origins here in Portugal. We’ll reach into the tech scene to understand the driving forces that make Portugal shine on the global stage and better acknowledge what’s holding us back.

To do this we’ll get to the heart of the issues by asking questions like why digital nomads and tech companies choose Portugal as their home? Why is there a brain drain of Portugal’s top talent and what can we do about it? Who are the individuals and programmes available to help support the growth of the industry as a whole? We’ll also highlight the apps and movements globally that are making waves in the industry. Such as transformational Clubhouse style apps changing the way we think about social media, the Reddit/Robinhood style battles between tech titans, and delving into why crypto is so hot right now.

The goal is to help build and grow our community and we can’t do that without you. If you have someone you think we should talk to, or something we should talk about, we would love to hear from you. ScottKirkTPN@gmail.com