In the letter sent to Lusa New Agency, signatories, who come from the areas of theatre, dance, cinema, production and cultural management, and research into the humanities, expressed bewilderment that cultural interests are not present, in the recovery plan.

"The omission of culture in this plan, in the medium term, will have large-scale economic, social and political consequences. ... it seems to us a serious mistake that our Government chooses not to invest in the future of a sector so fundamental for this the country", they write, demanding the inclusion in the plan.

Personalities such as historian Irene Flunser Pimentel, director Jorge Silva Melo, actress Maria do Céu Guerra, president of the José Saramago Foundation, Pilar del Río, researcher and programmer António Pinto Ribeiro, cultural manager Miguel Lobo Antunes and musician Sérgio Godinho argue that "the opportunity that presents itself should be seized, revitalizing in a structuring way this sector so central to the future of national life".

Among the dozens of subscribers are also entities such as Acesso Cultura, Acção Cooperativista and Plateia - Association of Performing Arts Professionals, the Portuguese Association of Directors, the Association of Musicians, Artists and Independent Editors, film festivals such as Curtas de Vila do Conde, IndieLisboa and DocLisboa, Portuguese film agencies Portugal Film and Short Film Agency, Rede e PlataformaDança, promoters of festivals and independent audiovisual entrepreneurs.