Euthanasia law goes for constitutional review

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Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said the legislation appears “excessively imprecise,”

The President has asked the country’s Constitutional Court to evaluate a recent law passed by parliament that allows euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill and gravely injured people. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said the legislation appears “excessively imprecise,” potentially creating a situation of “legal uncertainty.” Lawmakers three weeks ago approved by a significant majority the final wording of the bill, following almost a year of discussions to detail administrative procedures and other aspects of the procedures.

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Are you sitting two square comfortably on your botty ?
then I'll begin.

1982. Geriatric Hospital, UK. - the building was previously The Work House! - slave factory for homeless.

" there anything else I can do ?..."
young, keen and foolish.
'Go in that room and tell us when the patient is dead'
"...yea, no problems..."

Imagine fearing the Work House all your life only to be dragged there after families finally give in; or left you way back- sitting in the same chair for a week or two till found. The smell normally calls for help. Layers of impacted faeces waiting to peel the skin of your backside ; urea and rooting flesh perfume everything.
He was catheterised, but in dementia has pulled the inflated end out of his bladder and penis; there's blood everywhere.

But I digress.
Back on the ward I make myself comfy. I can't sit on the bed with him, I've tried. I keep crushing him and slipping off. So I'm ring side on a visitors chair.

He's chain stoking, erratic breathing - then it's gone - he's gulping , gasping, fighting. Nothing. He's gone.
No - he's exhaling - slowly - The Death Rattle - yeah!

"Yeah he's dead"
'Can you clean him up and prep him for 'wrapping' '
" Yeah, no problems"

I'm shaving him - there's blood everywhere.
I thought there wouldn't be any blood - but he's bloody covered in it.

Hang on!
How did they know he was going to die???

'Easy' Dr Incharge
'Instead of 5mg oral, we I.V. him 5mg direct, heart can't take it. On paper, he just died'

I wrote in the Day Book, I was allowed to, I was keen, young and foolish
"15.05 ...he JUST died..."

By Stephen Walker from Alentejo on 24-02-2021 07:59
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