Going out in the right way and making your partner comfortable requires an understanding of the types of people you meet, and with the right respect, you’ll find success. So, when dating in Portugal, don’t expect things to follow the traditional aspect of dating because it’s an experience that provides a wealth of surprises that you’ll love! The community of Meetmilfy dating site guided us into the rules of dating in Portugal.

Conversation and Body Language

Portuguese singles love communicating and expressing themselves through the dialog but equally with their bodies. From a young age, they’re encouraged to converse and share their feelings with friends and family. Therefore, when dating, you expect lots of emotion and happiness; nothing is doomy-gloomy; your conversations will be open and honest. This approach makes chatting and flirting simple because they’re not the type to sit in silence. Their love for life and their desire to connect through the art of conversation is charming.

The first and foremost rule is when chatting with singles, be open and honest. Portuguese guys and gals eager to discuss things that matter to them, but just as equally, they can delve into any topic of your choosing; just don’t stay silent. Of course, they love to talk but don’t expect being there why they are engaging in a giant monologue. Be prepared to listen because Portuguese culture involves respecting others and listening to every word. Furthermore, be prepared to respond accordingly but make the conversation exciting and intriguing, although watching their lips is a sure way of telling them that you’re hanging onto their every word!

Body language is a great way of discovering what Portuguese singles are feeling. Their expressive people when chatting, and they’re the type to use their hands while conversing. Expect them to come across with a body language that’s open and suggestive because naturally, they have a flirty side that cannot be ignored! Women will often play with their hair, and she’ll turn her body towards you when chatting. Mirror their body language, and you’ll find it simple to make a connection with them.

Style and Appearance

There are two sides to Portuguese singles. The first is the laid-back side when it comes to style, especially when the sun is shining. They’re family-orientated, so during the day and on weekends, when they aren’t working, they’ll be wearing relaxed clothing that’s fit for the beach. Expect to wear comfortable t-shirts and beach-ready shorts that are perfect for playing on the beach and swimming in the sea.

However, they’re proud of their appearance, and singles take care of how they look when they go out to restaurants and other venues, so expect to follow suit and follow their lead. If your appearance is slightly off the mark, then they’ll notice it, and that could lead to failed dates.

The second side to dating in Portugal is about socializing after dark. Once the sun goes down, expect to mingle and enjoy the company of others, so you’re going to need to smarten up. They’re the type to enjoy wearing smart clothing such as sleek dresses for the ladies or a smart shirt and chinos for the guys. Appearance sets the tone, and first impressions count for a lot, so be prepared to put in the effort. The goal is to look elegant, and that’s something that the Portuguese expect when dating.

Put effort into understanding what to wear, and you’ll find that your appearance will seal your success when dating.

Overall, the Portuguese value conversations, and their appearance is highly valued, so it’s worth spending time perfecting the two to ensure you impress and hit it off with your date!