The mayor was speaking at the plenary meeting of the Lisbon Municipal Assembly (AML), which was held by videoconference, as part of the discussion of a petition to name a city street after the actor.

Following the petition, the AML's standing committee on Culture and Education drew up a recommendation that the capital's municipality, in collaboration with the municipality of Loures, to "mark the death of Bruno Candê and the condemnation of racially motivated crimes through permanent intervention in public space" in one of the municipalities.

The document was approved unanimously, and intends the initiative to count on "the participation of students, especially those of the 1st cycle of basic education".

In the recommendation, the municipal deputies note that "the regulatory conditions are not met to pay homage in the toponymy of the city of Lisbon", which requires five years to elapse since the death of the person being honoured.

They stress, however, "the need to promote a broad front to fight racism and all forms of discrimination, which should have as its first plan the educational action in the scope of all levels of education".

Paula Marques, the councillor responsible for Local Development, said that, regardless of the union of the two municipalities, it had already been decided that one of the actions to be taken in the 10 years of the BIP/ZIP (Bairros e Zonas de Intervenção Prioritária) programme - in which Bruno Candé also worked - would be the creation of a mural in honour of the actor.

"Either in the Marvila area, in the Bairro do Condado, where he worked with the population, or in Parque das Nações where he lived," he added.

Paula Marques (Citizens for Lisbon, elected on the PS list) said that the tribute is being prepared with the population, without giving further details.

The Public Ministry accused Evaristo Marinho of qualified homicide of Bruno Candé, who was shot on the Avenida de Moscavide, in the municipality of Loures, on 25 July 2020, a crime that is aggravated because it was motivated by racial hatred.

According to the Public Ministry's order, to which Lusa news agency had access in January, 76-year-old Evaristo Marinho said during an argument with the victim on 22 June, 2020, among other insults: "Go back to your land! You have your whole family in the senzala and you should also be there!".

The accused, who did military service in Angola between 1966 and 1968, is in custody awaiting trial.

Bruno Candé was 39 years old and had been an actor with the Casa Conveniente theatre company since 2010, having also participated in soap operas.