Comparing Sweden to Portugal

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Editor, In response to my fellow countryman from Sweden claiming we had a worse result with Covid (20/2), I want to kindly remind him that Portugal has 1562 dead per million while Sweden has only 1247 (Worldometers Info). In fact, Sweden has better data than 22 lockdown countries so it makes you wonder, why even do lockdowns?

An article published recently in the Lancet concluded that there is no empirical evidence whatsoever that lockdowns constrain the virus over time and there are more than 30+ published and peer-reviewed studies that show the failures of lockdowns as well as the enormous costs to society. On a positive note, Covid-19 has low mortality and a very small risk group. It’s time to open up Portugal and Europe. God bless.
Fredrik Bermar,
Lagos and Stockholm

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In Sweden;
50% of the dead lived in homes for old people
25% lived in their own home, but needed help in their daily life.
=> The large amount of people that died in CV is result of the bad organisation for taking care of old people.
It has nothing to do with Corona Strategy and lock downs, masks, travel restrictions.. If there had been a good system for taking car of our old folks, the number of deaths had been reduced by 75%.

Without any lock down, State of emergency, ....

By Gustav from Algarve on 01-03-2021 10:10
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