Murder victim accused of attempted rape

By Paula Martins, in News, Crime · 26-02-2021 15:36:00 · 2 Comments

Maria Malveiro, one of the suspects in the murder of the 21-year-old, Diogo Gonçalves, in the Algarve, has claimed responsibility for the crimes by herself, excluding her co-defendant and ex-girlfriend, Mariana Fonseca, from the murder.

Today (February 26), in Portimão, the court heard the testimony of Maria Malveiro with the investigating judge.

In her testimony she said that the crime took place following a sexual abuse attempt by Diogo, months before the murder that was committed on 20 March.

The defendant said that the initial idea was to take revenge for the alleged sexual abuse attempt, but it was not her intention that the situation would end in homicide. The defendant admits that she wanted to humiliate the victim, but denied the murder was premeditated.

However, she confirmed that the other defendant, Mariana, had no relationship with the victim and was unaware of the alleged rape attempt.

In addition, she admits to having dumped his body in Sagres and Tavira, with the help of Mariana, who, however, claimed to have just driven the vehicle alternately with Maria and acted as a look out while Maria disposed of the dismembered body.

Maria also stated that the reason for the crime wasn't related to the compensation of €70,000 that the victim received due to the death of his mother, that he had received in February.

The two defendants, appeared in the court together, but did not look at each other throughout the proceedings.

On 24 February, Mariana stated that Maria, her now ex-girlfriend, had been the perpetrator of the crime and that she Marinana, had followed her in the crime due to blind love.

The trial continues this afternoon.

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Such lies of these 2 feminist Nazis.

They try to wriggle out of their crimes, by inventing more twists and turns of lies, they defame the person they brutally tortured and beheaded, butchered, to steal his money.

These 2 women are psychopaths, lesbians, and they are poisoned with the ideology of man hating feminism, left wing anti white fascism.

Only the death penalties is the suitable solution to these 2 vile feminist whores.

By Jury from Algarve on 27-02-2021 10:24

Shocking journalism from the Portugal News yet again. The headline should be " Murder accused accuses murder victim of attempted rape" or something like that. Very bad that you make it seem like its the court of police that accused him. I hope the family of him sue you. Worse and worse the Portugal News is getting.

By Joseph Biltwi from UK on 26-02-2021 11:49
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