The suspect, identified and located after police investigations is suspect for “serious crimes carried out in an extremely violent way”, the Judiciary Police said in a statement.

The 32-year-old man is suspect for two crimes of rape, attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery and attempted coercion against two 33-year-old women, as well as driving a motor vehicle without a legal license.

On 4 August, the alleged aggressor, who was wearing a surgical mask on his face, found a woman taking a walk near the Cucos spa area, where, under threat of a bladed weapon, he had forced her to move to a more isolated place and will have sexually raped her, explained the coordinator of the Lisbon and Vale do Tejo board, José Matos, to the Lusa News Agency.

Once he dropped the surgical mask, used so that the victim did not identify him to the police authorities, he attacked her and threw her into a well, throwing stones at her, which caused her injuries.

The accused left the site and the victim was found more than an hour later by a farmer, who called for help.

On 13 August, the suspect, who was wearing a surgical mask and sunglasses and was driving a vehicle, found another woman at a bus stop in a village, waiting for transport to Torres Vedras, having convinced her to accept a ride, clarified the same source.

A short time later, the man diverted his way to a pine forest, where he allegedly raped her. Then he coerced her into giving him her wallet and getting into the car, transporting her to the city of Torres Vedras, where he left her.

The alleged author of the crimes, who live in the same area where he committed the crimes and who was released at the end of 2020 after serving a prison sentence for crimes of theft and drug trafficking, was arrested on 18 August.