Penedo da Saudade is a place with an amazing and peaceful view over the city, which is also combined with a great and interesting history.

Penedo da Saudade is a park and viewpoint in the city of Coimbra, built in 1849, from where we can see from the eastern part of the city to the Mondego River, Serra do Roxo and Serra da Lousã.

Besides the vegetation and the peaceful view over the city, almost everywhere you look in Penedo da Saudade we find engraved stones made by old students fixed on the land or in walls. These engraved stones are commemorative of events linked to academic life and Coimbra culture.

Many phrases and poems are written on stone by finalist students, or for those who celebrate 10, 20 or even 50 years since graduation and want to remember and mark the moment. One problem could be the language for those who don’t speak Portuguese because as far as I have found they are all in Portuguese and the oldest one there dates back to 1855.

From poems, to phrases that reveal longing and love for the city where these young people studied, including love poems, to dedications and poems of those who miss the city and the moments enjoyed as a student. All the engraved stones have the appreciation that remains of the city over the years of studying in common.


An example of these texts that can be read in the park is a poem signed by F.A.C. Veloso, on behalf of all students from University of Coimbra.

Penedo da Saudade - “Coimbra of my eyes ...”
Listen to Penedo,
Listen softly,
Do not be afraid
You are not alone

And when from beyond
We see you
Don’t cry for us,
That you are not abandoned!
Wave us, say goodbye
That we will come back to you
But always to celebrate!

We’ll be back to tell you
That the poet taught us
That dream rules life
It remains… It’s not over!…
And we will tell you, to whisper,
That you’re absolutely right:
Saudade rhymes with age
And love with heart!

Listen to Penedo,
Listen softly,
Do not be afraid
Don’t be alone!…

F.A.C Veloso
Coimbra, May 2008

A Romantic Place
Penedo da Saudade is a place of great symbolism both at the academic level, as it is a place of great importance for students and graduates, but is also revered at a romantic level due to its history dating back centuries, representing above all, the word ‘saudade’ that means a mixture of feelings of loss, distance and love.

According to legend, it was in Penedo da Saudade that D. Pedro, king of Portugal in century XIX, came to mourn the death of his beloved, D. Inês de Castro. This legend linking this as a place of love for D. Pedro and D. Inês de Castro helps to elevate its romantic status.

D. Inês de Castro was killed by D. Pedro’s father, who did not accept this love, because she was not the legitimate wife of D. Pedro. The couple lived in Coimbra before the death of D. Inês, which gave rise to many more legends in the city. This was one of them.