In a statement, ANSR states that “Vision Zero” 2030 website contains all relevant information about the strategy, such as objectives, methodology, management structure and reports, documentation related to road safety policies at global, European and national level , most recent data on claims, as well as an area dedicated to the insurance system and its principles, which are the basis of the Vision Zero 2030 Strategy ”. ANSR says that through the website it will also be possible to send contributions. “We invite everyone to share their views and thoughts regarding the fight against road accidents. Only with the reinforcement of the involvement of the whole society and of all entities, public and private, will it be possible to build an effective strategy in order to achieve all the defined objectives ”, stresses the ANSR. ANSR intends to make “the whole society, in a transparent way, aware of the work in progress, also offering everyone the opportunity to collaborate and participate, joining the more than 100 contributions received to date”.

The new National Road Safety Strategy will project the long-term panorama of road safety policy in Portugal, set goals and define the corresponding strategic and operational objectives, which will be implemented through biennial action plans that compete in a 10-year strategy. In this first phase, in which the guidelines for the new strategy are defined, there is a period to receive contributions from all civil society and all entities, public and private, with responsibility for road safety, which will be analysed in the next phase. The Vision Zero 2030 designation is in close alignment with the European Union and the United Nations.