Of the total number of vaccines administered [23,301], 15,735 correspond to the administration of the first dose and 7,566 were second doses of the vaccine ”, reads the note released by the Secretary of Health of Madeira. The data released today refer to the period between 31 December, 2020 and 28 February.

In the document it is pointed out that vaccination against covid-19 will continue for the elderly population considered a priority. Thus, it is added, in this vaccination plan, 1,929 will receive the second dose of the vaccine, the first being administered during the week between the 8th and 14th of February in the various counties in the region. According to the available data, 5,383 health professionals have already received the first dose and 4,084 the second.

Vaccines have also been administered to 3,549 social workers, residents and users of nursing homes and members of the long-term care network, with 2,638 receiving the second dose. Of the 809 professionals working in the area of ??Civil Protection, Security and services considered critical, 656 have also had the second dose applied. With regard to users aged between 50 and 79 years, in addition to those over 80 years, 5,976 people have already been vaccinated, of which 181 with the second dose.

The document mentions that 25 government entities in Madeira have also been vaccinated. On Sunday, the region received another 5,850 vaccines against the covid-19 of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, totalling 34,627 received until today by the Regional Health Service of Madeira (SESARAM). This service announced that Madeira is expected to receive another 8,500 vaccines from AstraZeneca this week. Thus, in March, the region should receive another batch of 17,550 vaccines from Pfizer, making a total of 51,225 doses, which will allow the vaccination of 25,000 people, about 10 percent of the population of the archipelago.

The Regional Vaccination Plan covid-19 of Madeira establishes three phases, starting with the priority groups, followed by people with comorbidities and then the rest of the population. The estimate indicates that 50 thousand people will be vaccinated in the first phase, another 50 thousand in the second phase, and, finally, 100 thousand people.

According to data released today by the Regional Health Directorate, the region recorded 38 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection, all of which were locally transmitted, with Madeira now accounting for 7,276 confirmed cases of covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. In the epidemiological bulletin it is also mentioned that 1,181 cases are active and another 123 people have recovered from the disease, amounting to 6,031 patients cured in the archipelago since the beginning of the pandemic.