Portuguese journalist wins top award

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The work of Portuguese journalist Catarina Canelas on the impact of plastic on people's lives today won the Special Ibero-American Prize for Environmental Journalism and Sustainable Development, linked to the awards of the King of Spain.

“Plastic: The New Continent”, broadcast by the Portuguese television network TVI on 10 August, 2020, won, with the unanimity of the jury, for “impacting images that reflect a huge global problem and the invasion of plastics in the seas”. The award-winning report by Catarina Isabel Canelas Gonçalves was made in conjunction with João Franco, Nélson Costa and Teresa Almeida.

According to the Spanish news agency EFE, the King of Spain Award highlights the work that contributes to the communication of sustainable development behaviours and models, as well as to a greater socio-environmental culture. The work extensively documents, with a series of reports, among others, in Portugal, Cape Verde, Belgium, Norway or the Dominican Republic, the dangers that presuppose the presence of plastic in the ocean, especially for marine animals, for wildlife , in general, and for humans.

The report collects opinions from experts, researchers, scientists and from conservation organizations and ecologists who also work in the fight against plastic. Environmental and Sustainable Development Journalism is one of the awards that highlight media professionals received today at the 38th edition of the King of Spain International Journalism Awards, to which 155 applications from more than two dozen Ibero-American countries competed.

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Well done Catarina!

By Annie from Algarve on 04-03-2021 07:20

This is wonderful news! Plastic pollution is a very serious problem that I am so concerned about that I wrote a song about it entitled Where Does All The Plastic Go?, which was featured in The Portugal News. I have been talking about my idea for Ocean Aid Concerts to the media too and was recently a guest speaker for the Rotary Club of Wyndham Harbour in Australia. The club featured my song and Ocean Aid idea in an issue of The Wave magazine. On 10 February, I held an online Ocean Aid Concert to raise funds for Sea Shepherd. I have just confirmed a publishing contract with Moon Books for a book on the subject too. https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/ocean-aid-concert-to-help-save-the-seas

By Steve Andrews from Other on 04-03-2021 06:31
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