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“The crowd craves red meat ...¨

And a golden idol to worship.

We thought that this evil was behind us.

But here it looms, larger than life and bigger than ever.

Despite his crimes and “misdemeanors¨ -- including being the only U.S. president to be impeached twice during his single term in office -- he’s back, again/still, in reruns.

First, for vengeance, he pledged. Then, to create more crimes and chaos -- more crises -- as he marshals his troops and runs for the presidency again, despite his lack of care or concern for everyday Americans.

The Big Lie lives on, stronger than ever--supported, embraced, and endorsed by a majority of Republicans: Trump Republicans.

It’s no longer about partisan politics as usual, but a party that denounces and demonises its own power brokers who won’t stand by and support Trump.

If the CPAC conservative gathering was mostly about Trump, it’s because “he’s the favorite,” according to attendees, backed by nearly 75 million Americans who voted for him, who don’t believe Biden won the election, and who are determined to bring back a man who has broken every moral code on the compass. We’re so grateful to be living, now, in Portugal.

(Rev.) Bruce H. Joffe, Ph.D., By email

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Reverend, how very Christian of you. Although President Trump was impeached twice, he was completely acquitted both times. But of course, it is the accusation itself that counts, right?

That Trump was the first president in modern times not to start any war, was probably pure evil, as were the peace agreements he brokered. Oh, I forgot his war against human trafficking, so there´s that. Surely it feels safe when we all together can show our righteousness by hating the same group or person, yes?

By Nils from Algarve on 06-03-2021 03:03
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