In this book we get to travel with Knighton on his trip of a lifetime. With a broken heart he decides over the course of a year to visit every national park in America from Acadia to Zion.

Along the way he shares interesting information and stories of the towns he passes and the people he meets. This is not just a travel book about parks. This is a unique journey seen through the eyes of the author infused with his personal reflections along the way.

This is an unusual guidebook as the authors stories are unlike any you normally find in a travelogue. The trip changes his views from God, to love, politics and technology.

He fills us in on the history of the parks and what the future may hold for them.

This book celebrates parks in all their glory. You can also see some of his visits on YouTube as he filmed them for CBS.

I enjoyed his writing style and felt I was right next to him when he describes the places he is seeing. He also shares pictures of the trip which is great.

The book and parks are organised by themes rather than chronological or alphabetical which adds a unique twist to an already unusual book.

Knighton shares his personal life with us and you can’t help but be taken in by him and his enthusiasm for the trip and life. This is a funny and engaging read and if you are looking for something different, yet still inspiring I recommend you get yourself a copy!