Permission to use parks and benches from today

in News, COVID-19 · 15-03-2021 09:16:00 · 7 Comments

From today people are once again allowed to use municipal parks and sit on garden benches, although it is still up to each individual council to apply any restrictions.

The leisure facilities had previously been closed as part of Covid State of Emergency lockdown measures. Although a new state of emergency comes into force on Wednesday, a law decree published over the weekend, covering today and tomorrow, means parks and benches can now reopen.

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I am so pleased to see the comments that clearly indicate that not everyone is a brainless sheep that accepts ridiculousness without question! The sad thing to see are all the people still scared witless enough to wear (useless) masks alone in their cars or when walking out in the fresh air. They have been well and truly brainwashed and subjugated.

By SS from Algarve on 16-03-2021 03:30

How stupid this measure was in the first place ! I am just amazed how unlogical these preventive measures have been shoved down on us. The only thing they need to do, is to vaccinate those who want it.

By Joe Smith from UK on 16-03-2021 11:09

Wow, so generous. We can finally use the public parks we pay for with our taxes. Whats next?

By Medico from Alentejo on 16-03-2021 08:16

Are you kidding me? You're not even allowed to sit on a park bench because of Covid? How is the government allowing people to breathe? Isn't that worse than sitting on a park bench? People, you need to stop breathing! You can catch Covid that way.

By Tony B from USA on 15-03-2021 03:11

When are we going to wake up to this insult on humanity.
Think deeply , very deeply as to what they have robbed us from here.
We can’t even sit down anymore without being penalized.
Do you all realize what this world has come to in the name of a virus that has a mortality rate of 0.3% of those infected ? and the PCR test they test us with that is 97.9% inaccurate ?
Ask questions ! Wake up !

By César. J from Lisbon on 15-03-2021 11:37

I never thought in the 21st century I would need permission to sit on a bench in the park.

By SS from Porto on 15-03-2021 09:45

Thank you oh mighty slavemaster.... I hope we can handle all that freedom and responsibilities...

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 15-03-2021 09:37
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