32 counties above incidence rate for easing of lockdown

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Portugal currently has 32 counties with more than 120 new covid-19 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in 14 days,

The infection rate is above the national targets defined by the Government for ending lockdown, according to the Directorate-General for Health (DGS). In the Algarve, presently Alcoutim, Portimão and Lagoa are among them. On March 11, when the deconfinement plan was unveiled, Prime Minister, António Costa, warned that the reopening measures would be revised whenever Portugal exceeds the “120 new cases per day per 100 thousand inhabitants in 14 days” or whenever the Rt - the average number of secondary cases that result from a case infected by the virus - exceeds 1.

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I think the issue of family unification has never been covered by media. Its been one year residents are not able to see family members. And Portugal never welcomes binational couple.

I am resident of Portugal and my husband is resident of UAE. I was falling sick frequently, so I wanted my husband to take care of me, for some days however Portugal Embassy rejected visa saying this is not a humanitarian situation and only people with medical emergency is considered

If falling sick and not being taken care of is not a humanitarian reason, I dont know what is human then.

Besides SEF has closed family reunification and its been almost 8 months people cant see their family.

This is against human right discrimination. Dont you think citizens of EU can meet their family but not residents, what do you call this as??


By Chaitra Katti from Porto on 31-03-2021 12:27

Why is it not safe for people under 60 but ok fo people over 60.Is it because people over 60s lives don't matter.If not save for one then why not for all?

By Lawrence Tkachuk from Açores on 31-03-2021 09:29

When will these stupid people in charge ever cotton on to the fact that they will not stop a corronavirus. The common cold has been with us for how long?; Grow up people.

By Martin from Lisbon on 31-03-2021 09:18

@ K.Letho, can you explain 2 me how vaccination breeds more infectious variants?

By H from Algarve on 31-03-2021 12:08

Here’s an idea;

Stop testing asymptomatic people (previously known as “healthy people” with flawed PCR tests.
Also stop the fear-mongering that leads to people panicking and rushing to the hospital thinking that they’re dying when they have a fever or the sniffles.

Covid is not the problem here.

By Niko from Lisbon on 30-03-2021 01:28

Stop vaccination and you will stop spreading the new more infectious variants that result from vaccination.
They do this deliberately, to demoralize people, all around the world. They promise relaxation of anti-humanity measures, then they produce more of the disease and blame it on the critics. They breed the disease and breed hatred between people at the same time. Don't fall for it!

By K. Lehto from Other on 30-03-2021 07:34
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