The handset has many positives, and it delighted the users in every aspect. However, now that it has become old, you can always sell it and receive some money in return. You can expect a decent resale value if you have kept the handset in good condition. It is prudent to do careful research if you are looking to get the best price. In this article, we show how you can sell iPhone 7 for cash.

Resale value

You may think about how to sell iPhone 7 at the best value. The resale value of your iPhone 7 will depend on various factors. You can browse through the websites of buyers to get a free quote for the device you need to sell. You will get the quotes for mobile phones that have unlocked status and working conditions, to begin with. You would then have the option to choose the correct choice to match with the specific state of your gadget.

New handsets are the ones that are yet to get unpackaged. Broken handsets will include devices with damaged screens, defective displays, and other issues. The lock/unlock status and the storage limit will moreover impact the resale value. It is fitting to add all details to get an accurate resale value.

What about a broken handset?

Indeed, it is feasible to sell broken iPhones to buying companies. You can sell an old iPhone 7 whether or not it has a messed-up screen, broken body, faulty camera, flawed speaker, and so on. So, the state of your old cell phones doesn't make any difference when you are attempting to sell your old and undesirable handset. You can likewise sell an old iPhone 7 with water damages on the off chance that it is working fine. It will get considered as a device with damage, and a different quote will be given post evaluation.

In any case, a broken iPhone 7 will get you a lesser sum than that of a working handset. Rather than disposing of it, which may harm the environment, it is apt to sell it for some cash.

Things to keep in mind

Here are some essential tips for selling your iPhone 7.

  • Research

There are numerous purchasers and recyclers of old mobiles, so it gets imperative to explore well. You can look for quotes from different purchasers as the prices can vary. You also have other alternatives like trade-in deals. Consider all the possible choices to get the best money for your old iPhone 7.

  • Check for damages

It is typical for iPhone users to have a destroyed or broken screen. In the event that you are in almost the same situation, don't view yourself as alone. You can sell your handset even in such a condition. However, the price will be lesser than what you can get for a handset in a satisfactory condition. Broken handsets, in like manner, have a faulty display and other flaws that affect the appropriate working of the handset. Most buyers will still purchase your mobile phone, but the price will depend upon the degree of the damage.

  • Data reset

It is ideal to do a data backup and do a factory reset. You would not need your data to land in the hands of an outsider. Doing a reset is simple whenever you finish with the data backup. Back up data like contacts, pictures, accounts, and applications with Apple's iCloud.

  • SD cards

As the last step, it is possible to forget it. On the off chance that you are in a rush, you can overlook it. While it very well may be feasible to get your SIM card back, the equivalent can't be true for your SD card, which may have all your private information.

Where to sell

A renowned buyer and recycler of mobile phones can be an ideal option. You can get a quote by visiting their website. When you are content with the offer, you can finalize the deal. You can then expect to receive the bundling that you can use to send the handset. The buyer would then check the handset and make payment based on a satisfactory inspection.