As part of the fight against the covid-19 pandemic, 15,000 firefighters have already been vaccinated in the first phase, and the second phase should begin on the 12th, the official said to journalists at the end of the inauguration ceremony for the new management of the National Fire Department, in Ranholas, in the municipality of Sintra.

Patrícia Gaspar assured that the nine thousand firefighters are the ones left to complete the vaccination of all those who are "on the operational line" and said that the first dose of vaccination already confers "a high degree of immunisation", so it is based on this information that firefighting planning is being carried out. "We are still in a phase where vaccines are gradually arriving. Most firefighters will already be vaccinated with the second dose in time for the device (special firefighting) and I am convinced that the safety conditions required for this sector and so that firefighters can also safely fulfil their mission, similarly to what was done last year, even when there were no vaccines ", said Patrícia Gaspar.