It’s been a bit difficult to uncover any ABC’s or ‘Algarve Book Corners’ lately (my series of places in Portugal where you can find English books), but I have however managed to find an ‘Algarve Book Author’ or ABA (a somewhat less neat abbreviation I admit). They say there’s at least one book in everyone, but the trouble for most of us is - getting it out. And, if you do somehow manage this truly Herculean task, then the next step is something that even Hercules himself might have struggled with - being brave enough to show it to other people.

I got a message from a local author quite a while ago telling me that he had written a book and that it would be coming out by Christmas, and maybe I would like to read it? As you can see, things got a little bit delayed, but finally his book arrived and I went to meet him and pick up a copy. John Beverley, is the name on the book, but for the reasons that I mentioned above is actually a pseudonym.

Now semi-retired and living in the Algarve for the last 6 years, John has finally had time to sit down and write his book. But even though, in his words, he has had “a lifetime’s experience of creative writing - mostly for job CV’s, loan applications, apology letters and internet dating sites”, he was, like all writers will know, when you put your heart and soul into something, worried about what people will think.

He has however got over this fear somewhat and his next book (soon to be published) will be a collection of children’s stories and will be in his real name - but I think we’ll keep that under our hats, for now.

In this, his first book ‘For Indoor and Outdoor use only’, which he told me I had to read to find out why it was called that (so I’m going to do the same to you) was inspired by his very real trip around South America a few years ago, and so is an intriguing mix between fact and fiction and is part travelogue, part romance, but also with constant interruptions by what we suppose is his subconscious or inner critic (that keeps butting in and correcting him), part comedy - as it often leads to some quite witty and funny riffs about life in general.

The book even ends in the Algarve, but I will say no more. If you would like an enjoyable read that has you giggling to yourself as you journey around various places in South America that you may have never been to - as well as having the added bonus of supporting one of our local Algarve authors, then consider ordering his book from Amazon, and feel free to read it inside and out.