The reinforcement of supervision on terraces, which reopened on Monday as part of the second phase of the easing of lockdown, was one of the issues of the meeting of the State of Emergency Monitoring Structure, under the coordination of the Minister of Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabrita.

Among the various issues addressed at the meeting, which served to take stock of the implementation of the measures in place to combat the pandemic, the MAI highlights the attention given to "strengthening the supervision of terraces by the security forces and services”.

The entities that are part of the State of Emergency Monitoring Structure admit that "the non-compliance of the measures to contain the pandemic justifies the early closure of these spaces and the corresponding accountability of offenders".

Business owners of catering establishments have already expressed their concern with the non-compliance of many clients regarding the use of masks on the terraces.

Another of the rules imposed for the functioning of these spaces has to do with the number of seats.

This structure monitors and produces regular information about the measures in force in the mainland territory and in the context of the pandemic, having met on 7 April for the 24th time since March 2020.

This meeting, by videoconference, was attended by the secretaries of state of the various governmental areas and regional coordination, in addition to the heads of GNR, PSP, SEF, the Food Safety and Economy Authority (ASAE), the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority and the Armed Forces.

"The need for greater surveillance in sectors of activity where SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks have been appearing was also considered, both due to the delay in controlling the pandemic and the negative effect on the risks of incidence in municipalities with low population," said the MAI, in a statement.

The Ministry headed by Eduardo Cabrita also said that "the positive impact on the economy, resulting from the first phase of deconfinement, was also noted" at the meeting.