Boardwalk along the Rio Formosa between Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago

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Editor, On a recent walk,my husband and I were quite shocked to see the state of the boardwalk.After just a short period of use the authorities or installers are having to replace hundreds of planks.Who is in charge of the quality of the works and frankly is no one concerned by the waste of public funds especially in these difficult times?

The idea of the walks is fantastic and seeing the increase in numbers using the pathways is of great health benefit,but there are several concerns that should be addressed.These are not small matters such as the mixing of cyclists walkers,children and dogs even on a leash,in quite narrow confines.Cyclists have complained about the vibrating surface causing nails to project out of the surface,very bad for for tyres!

At the beginning when seeing the works being completed we congratulated the workmen for a job we thought had been well done.What a disappointment.What can be done?

Janet Cristau, By email


The boardwalk is a disaster! It’s clear that No proper consultation was been carried out! Cyclist using it as a racing track and therefore clashing with walkers! I have witnessed a number of incidents already! The main beneficiary has been the supplier of the wood! It’s no longer a pleasant walk anymore... shame!

By Natalie from Algarve on 17-04-2021 10:05

Yes Janet, the attraction of that area was its naturalness. Unspoilt. An area appreciated for nature and leisure.The forestry section has need denuded by over zealous cleaning. Fencing has prevented many from their usual walks. As for horse riders, whether resident or on holiday, they are now prevented from the riding in the area between the airport and Vale de Lobo by the presence of the consideration was given. Gone forever.

By Bev Gibbons from Algarve on 16-04-2021 11:07

Sad to see public money is spent for a good cause, then to be poorly constructed and no maintenance. How long will the Ria Formosa authorities or whoever is responsible, let this go on before it’s repaired? The picture that was included makes the walkway extremely dangerous!

By Fred from Algarve on 16-04-2021 11:38
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