"80 notices of infraction were prepared in the scope of non-compliance with the restrictions of the state of emergency, in particular the non-compliance of the general duty of staying home" and "the non-use of a mask on public road and lack of adequate physical distance", stressed the PSP.

In the note released today, the security force said that, at 23:00 on Saturday, a "large-scale" police operation was carried out to monitor compliance with the rules of the state of emergency, "due to the countless illegal parties that have taken place in recent weeks where hundreds of people gathered on public road, drinking alcoholic beverages, disturbing the residents' rest and tranquility and breaking the established rules ".

According to the PSP, the gathering of "hundreds" of people was dispersed, but the police force stressed that some did not leave the site voluntarily and "reacted aggressively and violently with the throwing of stones and glass bottles".

In the statement, it is also said that this behavior forced "a tactical intervention" to stop the aggressions, "even resorting to the use of means of low lethal potential".

According to the PSP, there was a new throwing of objects when "dozens of individuals" were subsequently sent outside the neighborhood, "to proceed with inspection in better conditions", which led to a "new police action aimed at ending the aggressions and guarantee the physical integrity of all”.

The operation resulted in the identification of a person with minor injuries to his leg. During the police action, an arrest was also made for drug trafficking, a news report was lifted for lack of legal authorization to drive and forged documents and two notifications were made to leave the country within 20 days to citizens who are illegally in national territory, according to the note issued by the PSP.