At the Vilamoura Environmental Park you’ll find amazing landscapes together with beautiful rare fauna and flora along a 5km nature trail. Throughout the park information panels explain the nearby surroundings and serve as a guide.

The path begins near the banks of the Ribeira de Quarteira and extends to the bird hide of a large lagoon, closer to Vilamoura, before returning. The nature trail can be enjoyed on foot, by bicycle or even on horseback while strolling through farmlands and areas of interest, while information panels along the route highlight the vast flora and fauna that can be observed. There are two bird-watching hides en route.

The diversity of the park allows many species to thrive, including the lutra lutra, while there is also a chance to see mammals and reptiles, like the striped-back-tortoise (emys orbicularis) and Mediterranean-tortoise (maurremys leprosa).
Typical trees from the Algarve can be found along the route, including several species that are representative of the old orchards. The carob tree (ceratonia siliqua) is one of them, but there is also the olive tree (olea europaea), the almond tree (prunus dulcis) and the fig tree (ficus carica).

Jocelyn McCall Ferreira, Why Vilamoura?

Bird Watching

The Vilamoura Environmental Park is also home to the largest reedbed in the South of Portugal.

This reedbed attracts several bird species, especially during migration periods.

Some of these birds, are rare, including the purple heron (ardea purpurea), the little bittern (ixobrychus minutes), the purple swamp-hen (porphyrio porphyrio) and the marsh harrier (circus aeruginosus).

In the bird observatories, information panels showcase various species using both text and images. The Environmental Park’s location, along with the reedbed, farm land and lakes allows birds to be observed all year round.

Pay a visit to Vilamoura to discover all it has to offer at any time of the year.

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