Based in Almancil in the Algarve, Abloom is run by owner and director Marcella Spee Horta e Costa and her highly motivated small team of self-confessed “workaholics” who work “night and day” to meet the specific needs of their clients.

“I want to keep the company small,” explained Marcella, “This is something that is very important to me because it means that I can ensure that every client receives the same level of service. We may be small but small is effective!”
Originally from the Netherlands, Marcella first came to Portugal 38 years ago and was initially located in Cascais and then the North before moving down to the Algarve where she then set up Abloom.

Her wide knowledge of the country as a whole, the real estate market over the past four decades and the change in the economy and society has allowed Marcella to have a deep insight into real estate in Portugal that she is able to share with her clients.

“I have worked in real estate for 20 years and my interests and passion for architecture, design, the Portuguese language and culture and my father’s background in development in Spain all shaped my decision to open my own real estate agency, to provide clients with a level of excellence and something a bit different,” she said.

The benefit of living in Portugal for many years has allowed Marcella to truly become an expert in her field and through the decades she has witnessed many changes to the market giving her a broad base of knowledge that benefits both the buyers and sellers that she works with.

“Our quality of service comes from our knowledge. Market prices and fluctuations and detailed knowledge of market behaviour all matter when it comes to being able analyse and calculate the best possible opportunities for clients, whether they are looking for an investment property, a holiday home or a place of permanent residence,” explains Marcella.

And this is at the very heart of the Abloom ethos, not only does the team work tirelessly to provide an unrivalled service, it is also of the upmost importance to Marcella that the team work to find “special and interesting” opportunities that will yield benefits in the long term, some of these properties being so unique that they make up part of the Whisper Listings service offered by the team. Whisper Listings are based on the principle of discretion and the team always strategise a bespoke plan for each and every owner because not one person or property is the same. The team also understands that while a home owner may be looking to sell their property, they are also looking for privacy which is where Whisper Listings shine.

“We have many repeat clients coming back to us because they know that we can find them a unique opportunity, so when it comes to a person wanting to sell in the future for whatever reason that may be, they can see that they have made a good investment, that they bought well and their property gained value.”

The Abloom team prides themselves on being truly multicultural and while Marcella has many Dutch clients thanks to her background, she also works with clients from across the globe. “We work with people of all nationalities including Swiss and Belgium and I am also very proud to work with many Portuguese clients too as well as those from South Africa or the United States,” said Marcella. “People who do not have a deep knowledge of Portugal need to be able to trust their broker and they come to us because we make sure we always go all the way to get them something truly interesting”.

Working with a client is something that the entire team take personally to ensure that their very high level of service is always maintained: “I always say to the team “Think if you would want to buy that property” and this is not based on personal style, as that is something that changes, but instead on whether or not the property is truly unique as a prospect.”

Abloom generally works with properties based in the Golden Triangle area of the Algarve because historically this has been the area where the most “interesting” properties have been found, however, “the lack of property in the area is unbelievable” and the team are happy to look further afield when it comes to finding properties for their portfolio that meet their very specific needs. When looking for properties for their portfolio the team base their choices on finding a property with “that special something”, whether it be a stunning location or a property with real potential, they are always looking for a property that will represent a long term worthwhile investment for a buyer and excellent prospects for the seller, “you can find very charming gems in other areas too now”.

Marcella is optimistic about the future and while she keenly appreciates the devastating effects that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the wider economy she feels positive about the long term potential of the Algarve real estate market. “Over the past five years we have seen so many changes in the nationalities who are choosing the Algarve and also the number of people who are looking to spend more time here. This has led to new shops, restaurants, developments and changes that have all had a positive impact on the region,” said Marcella, “If the housing market is going well then the rest follows”.

While the profile of those choosing to buy and move to the Algarve continues to adapt and change, the ethos of the Abloom team remains very much the same, of finding truly unique properties that represent a real investment for clients while offering a personalised service that is second to none.


Whilst our Whisper Listings are based on the principle of discretion, we always strategise a bespoke plan for each and every owner because not one person or property is the same.

If you would like to discuss how best to market and value your property, we look forward to hearing from you.

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