New ferry route could link UK to Portugal

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British shipping company Brittany Ferries may launch an unprecedented ferry boat connection between the south of the UK and the north of Portugal this month

The news was broken by newspaper The Sun’s online edition. The route would reportedly be between Portsmouth and Porto and could start later this month.

It comes after Portugal was placed on the UK's "green list" of holiday destinations, and demand for air travel to Portugal soared 600%.

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Wonderful Lisbon would be better as it’s roughly half way. For me Portimau would be even better.

By Jerry Hewitt from Algarve on 04-06-2021 04:17

What are you waiting for?
This should have been available for years. Travelling form Santander or Bilbao is still a long
drive to the coast of Portugal.

By Eduardo de Jesus from Lisbon on 23-05-2021 05:12

Brittany Ferries is a French company based in Roscoff, Bretagne

By George from Algarve on 18-05-2021 10:01

The ro-ro facilities at LEIXÕES are more than capable of handling Brittany Ferries.
The port is also being considered for a ferry from Ireland

By Siobhán from Other on 17-05-2021 02:31

Yes bring it on, I would never fly again I would be first to buy tickets this moment

By John Woolley from UK on 17-05-2021 10:54

I read the other on the same type of article that it would cost £170 to around £250 per crossing, well i doubt that very much considering Brittany ferries charge over £1100 in August just to go down Santander and return.

By Adelino Goncalves from UK on 17-05-2021 01:39

Perhaps the remainers should wear a European flag so they can be identified. If you voted for Brexit stay home! The thought of hoards of badly dressed and badly behaved Brits fills me with dread!

By Diana Krogh from Beiras on 16-05-2021 02:40

Brittany Ferries are a French company, not British. Leaked plans are for vehicle passengers only, no foot passengers. So yes, lots of Londoners in their Range Rovers and German SUVs.

By Mike Collins from UK on 16-05-2021 10:55

I hope this Ferry run between UK and Portugal is true and starts soon. I think it will be popular and I can’t wait to use it.

By JM from UK on 16-05-2021 10:47

I want to know if they are taking foot passengers and if not why. Re Ferry to Portugal - Porto. I don't fly and would be disappointed if they don't allow foot passengers.

By Lesley from UK on 16-05-2021 10:06

If i was going to land a ferry anywhere I think I would be looking at Lisbon?

By Mike Berrill from UK on 16-05-2021 09:21


By PRINCE AWODIKE from Lisbon on 16-05-2021 02:02

Hello good night sir my self Maninder singh i wish i,m looking to all world you no God make a every place is very beautiful so i am looking around to all world thanks

By Maninder singh from Lisbon on 15-05-2021 11:37

You may find it is french shipping company. How lame is this reporting? LOL

By Tyron Johnson from UK on 15-05-2021 12:47

It is very very interesting. It is a good idea and a welcome development. It will make the relationship between UK ???????? and Portugal ???????? stronger.

By Debo Lot from Lisbon on 15-05-2021 10:49

this would be an excellent idea, save us driving from Santander or Bilboa, fingers crossed it happens!!

By michele austin from UK on 15-05-2021 09:20

Surely not Porto but Leixões.The Sun wouldn't know.

By Pietro from UK on 15-05-2021 08:17

Why is this newspaper so aimed at British working here? You do know we have over 2000 Dutch working in my company alone? Just an example. As the only English language newspaper you should cater for all nationalities. If it's aimed at UK tourists, we all know how they are. :-(

By Bastiaan Verbiest from Lisbon on 14-05-2021 10:30

Any ferry that provides a service nearer to the Algarve than Santander or Bilbao will have my support. Portimao would be amazing. Lisbon great and even Porto halves the road journey time to the UK
Less driving, less stress, better for the environment yes please!

By robert from Algarve on 14-05-2021 09:53

Are you sure you have got it right re the ferry Porto is too shallow and have no roll on roll off facilities portimao has its deep water and the old roll on roll off from Morocco is still there

By Dave from Algarve on 14-05-2021 05:30

Just as long as it does not encourage more Londoners.

By Juan Santis from Lisbon on 14-05-2021 04:46

Price pls.

By Shravan kumar pun from Lisbon on 14-05-2021 02:33
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