No-mask beach fines in effect from today

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The new rules for access to beaches came into force in Portugal today and anyone who steps onto the sand without a mask risks paying a fine of up to €100.

A traffic light system is being brought back to show how busy beaches are and to guarantee physical distance between bathers.

Masks must be worn until towels are laid out on the sand. Penalties can be applied to people not wearing a mask while trying to find a spot or who place their beach towel too close to the neighbours.

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How stupid can you get? IS this virus so intelligent that it know when you are walking around or laying on the sand? Where is the science in this? In the SUN and on the warm beach and in the open air, this VIRUS doesn't stand a chance! What the heck are you all thinking... I WILL not wear a mask on any beach and I will challenge any fine in court. I hope you do too!

By Neil from Beiras on 21-05-2021 03:26

Why do people put up with this rubbis

By Michael from Algarve on 21-05-2021 11:21

Just outrageous! Where is the evidence to show that this is effective or necessary?

By Tim from Algarve on 20-05-2021 11:48

Eric, do us all a favor...please never apply for a passport

By Paul from Lisbon on 20-05-2021 06:36

I genuinely find it astonishing that anyone in the USA can criticise any other country's approach to Covid. Your ex president's head in the sand, blame anyone but me response led to more American deaths than world war II.

By Terence McDine from Algarve on 20-05-2021 03:48

Imagine believing this is still all about a virus. LOL.

By Dave from Alentejo on 20-05-2021 11:37

A traffic light system to prevent overcrowding is common sense. However to get people to wear masks on the beach is going a bit far. Just enforce social distancing. We are trying to kick start the tourism industry here in the Algarve and this type of restriction will not encourage the tourists to come. Already had cancellations from guests when they heard about this on the UK news. You might as well hang a sign up saying "Open For Business...Maybe, Oh No Sorry We Are Closed!". Let's have some real common sense here backed up by medical data otherwise this summer will be as bad as 2020.

By Charles from Algarve on 20-05-2021 11:03

Having read the full regulations elsewhere I feel I need to point out how inconsistent and ludicrous some of them are.
1) Maximum of 5 people per umbrella/ awning/ tent on the beach. Yet up to 10 people may sit at a table outside a restaurant!
2) Hand sanitiser to be used on arrival at the beach. Why? Who or what are you going to be touching on arrival other than your own belongings?
3) Sports activities (except nautical / surfing) forbidden. So just go sit on your towel and don’t even think about picking up your bat & ball or football.
Oh, and don’t forget to have fun!
When are people going to say enough is enough and demand their freedom back?

By SS from Algarve on 20-05-2021 09:58


By SS from Algarve on 20-05-2021 09:02


By York Rapp from Lisbon on 20-05-2021 08:01

In Toronto, Canada it was a few days ago huge size anti Israel Hamas protests with hate speech, this event was allowed in Toronto but protests against lock downs and vaccines are brutally stopped by police, why the double standard?

Season flu 2020 and 2021 disappeared when Wuhan virus arrived, by the way check statistics from 2020, older people who took season flu jab 2020 did not get any flu past year.

Covid 19 is season flu 2020...

By Magnus from Other on 20-05-2021 06:53

Is this a joke article? If not I look forward to getting a fine and selling it on Ebay and trying to make a profit.

By Michael from Algarve on 19-05-2021 11:19

But there’s never been one single case of outdoor transmission ever confirmed! Unless people are on the beach huddled together, blocking the air somehow, and breathing in close proximity for lengthy periods of time, there’s no way to transmit infection outdoors. The virus is killed immediately by UV rays. In fact, according to the US CDC’s recent 2020 study, masks themselves have proven no significant efficacy beyond an average of 1%. If you’re symptomatic and sneeze in your mask (when you should be home in bed), you might block some droplets. But the asymptomatic do not benefit from masks and asymptomatic spread has been debunked as pseudoscience (the whole reason for lockdowns). The government should be subpoenaed if necessary to produce any and all evidence that support wearing masks on beaches and how the virus knows whether people are walking or sitting. This happened in Los Angeles County and because the county could not produce any substantiating evidence, the judge threw it out of court and reopened all outdoor dining. This is how we all get back to normal. Our governments need our help!

By Eric from USA on 19-05-2021 10:23
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