According to a study by Idealista, properties on the coast of the Beja district were the most expensive, with prices soaring 11.4 percent to €1,932. per m2 Following this on the list were houses on the coast of the districts of Aveiro, with a price increase of 10.9 percent, Porto (10.6 percent) and Setúbal (9.4 percent).

In the Algarve, prices rose by 5.5 percent. On the coastlines of the districts of Lisbon, Leiria, Viana do Castelo and Coimbra, prices increased by 5.2 percent, 4.3 percent, 4.2 percent and 2.9 percent, respectively, while on Porto Santo Island (Madeira) the increase registered was 0.6 percent.

Terceira Island was the location where house prices on the Portuguese coast dropped the most, -5.3 percent. This is followed by the island of São Miguel (-3.6 percent), the coast of the district of Braga (-3.1 percent) and the island of Madeira (-1.3 percent).