Where are we now ? On the internet I found over 20 different scientific studies, concerning wearing masks, which all came to the same conclusion: wearing a mask each day does not stop any virus entering your body and does not stop spreading the virus to others, does decrease your immune system by 17 till 20%, increases the possibility of throat and lung cancer by 35% and many more negative effects, hope somebody can refer me where to find any scientific positive test concerning wearing masks, I did not find it yet.

About the vaccines, on the internet unfortunately info is coming out concerning side effects on people vaccinated, severe diseases, people even dying after vaccination, more and more mothers breastfeeding their babies, where the babies die 2 or 3 days after the mother was vaccinated, I only can say please let’s hope that those are all conspiracy theories and that those mothers were lying and only asking for attention, please let.s all pray to god that this is not the reality but only fake news.

Martin Verloop,