Three establishments closed and a party of 200 people stopped in Albufeira

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The Albufeira police closed three establishments on Saturday, 5 June, for non-compliance with the rules to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and stopped a party where there were 200 people, was reported on 7 June.

In one of the situations, the GNR intervened to end a 'sunset' party with 200 people, in the outdoor enclosure of a restaurant "with sand and a swimming pool", where there was loud music and was advertised at the entrance "charging a fee at the door", told Lusa source of that police force.

At night, two establishments were closed, one for working after hours (22:30) and the other for having "dozens of customers dancing, without physical distance, mask or any compliance with the rules," added the same source.

In a statement, the GNR said that the situations were detected during patrol actions, and the police acted immediately to put an end to the activities, closing the sites and drawing up the respective administrative offence notices.

In all situations, the GNR indications were "obeyed by clients" - with no incidents recorded, said the source from the GNR's Faro Command.

The GNR stressed that the rules imposed to contain the Covid-19 pandemic involve "the closure of establishments at 10.30pm, capacity limited to 50 percent and the obligation to wear masks whenever they are not consuming".

Customers of these establishments should "occupy a place, such as a chair or bench, and cannot stay in the middle of the establishment, namely dancing", the same source concluded.

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This is a disgrace. The bar owners must be held responsible and prosecuted for allowing it to happen. Ironically the very people that will complain and plead poverty if another lockdown is enforced are the bar owners, and Albufeira is a hot spot at the moment.

By Tyrone Rosser from Algarve on 09-06-2021 08:48

Can't belive the GNR actually did something resembling police work. Just used to seeing them standing under overpass at roundabouts keeping out of the sun.

By Jim from Algarve on 09-06-2021 04:27

Unfortunately this is a recurring theme here.
Authorities are seen to be doing something and then a short while later the same activity resumes.
This can be applied equally to things like music noise,illegal buiulding, camping and many other issues.

A county without a strong and enforced rule of law is a banana republic and a dangerous place to invest hard earned money in.

By James from Algarve on 09-06-2021 10:03

From the story it appears no further action was taken, which if the case does not deter other premises for doing the same. The owners should be closed indefinitely with hefty fines!

By Peter from Algarve on 09-06-2021 09:28

These people are pigs and are a disgrace.

The bar owners should have their assets seized and bars shut permanently.

No more excuses,we all want this to end and we don't need selfish behaviour to destroy all our sacrifices.

By James from Algarve on 08-06-2021 05:33
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