7,000 more Brits left the Algarve this Monday

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Around seven thousand more Brits left the Algarve on Monday to make it back to the UK before the 10-day mandatory isolation curfew for travellers from Portugal came into force at 4am yesterday.

Over the weekend, some 20 thousand people departed, many of whom had been taken by surprise by Boris Johnson's government’s decision to remove Portugal from the green list of safe tourist destinations. Inversely, some 6,000 Brits arrived in the Algarve, over the weekend.

If you disagree with the UK removing Portugal from their green list of travel destination, then follow our campaign to lobby the UK government here.

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This Corona has brought better general hygiene less movement of people a small reduction in pollution and more people working from home. It has also been very restrictive toward families emotional health and brought a culture of divide amongst people,countries, rich and poor. This situation can be overcome with technology but first they want to control the individual then the masses with health passports testes bio metric identity. The old world is rapidly disappearing and the new one wants to control the crap out of the masses Is it all worth it you should ask from a virus that globally doesn't kill that many people ( come to Portugal for 2 weeks then don't get the virus self isolate for 2 weeks and rejoin the party sounds a bit strange to me just what is going on here)

By Alan from Algarve on 11-06-2021 02:08

Living in Alcobaça and seeing everyone respecting the rules I was shocked upon returning to England and seeing the absolute disregard for the precautions. Whilst there Boris announced putting Portugal on amber list. Had to go to Luton arndale shopping centre, not even the shopworkers were wearing masks. The security guards were too busy staring into space to bother with enforcing the rules. I could not wait to leave the country I was born and raised in to come back here and escape the stupidity. Not surprised it's such a mess with that utter buffoon running things.

By John from Other on 10-06-2021 10:36

It just doesn't make sense...considering the UK travellers have been vaccinated and Portugal rate of infeccion being lowest than the UK?

By marcela ESNAOLA PLAZA from UK on 10-06-2021 10:17

On holiday here. Loving Faro on our first visit. Scrap testing for twice vaccinated visitors.

By Richard Morbey from Algarve on 10-06-2021 08:17

It makes no medical sense why portugal was taken off the green list.its just political.any one with an ounce of brain can see that.

By Michael Grogan from Algarve on 10-06-2021 05:46

Given that there was no apparent logic to the original decision on 'amber', why would a reasoned protest cut any ice with no. 10?

By Paula Jones from UK on 10-06-2021 11:25

I find the uk putting Portugal on the amber list is ridiculous and unfair . As a property owner here in the algarve it has been the first time in over a year i have been able to come and four days before my flight they cause kaos and put it back to amber . Here in the algarve everything is in place for covid safety . The amount of tests needed now to travel is very expensive and just out of most peoples affordability . I have had covid and im also fully vaccinated and very frustrated i have so much drama coming to our hoilday home we have worked hard to buy and not able to fully use .

By Tracey baker from UK on 10-06-2021 12:40

It can be better if more of this horrible people go back home. Noisy, dirty and uselesd holidaymaker

By Markus Grossi from Algarve on 09-06-2021 11:28

There are many of us who have been trying to see our families for nearly 2yrs now it isn't all about a holiday

By Joyce Easton from UK on 09-06-2021 08:54
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