The arrests were made as part of Police Operation "Story" developed by the Arms and Explosives Department of the PSP, which aimed at the fulfilment of 17 search warrants, including nine house search warrants, in the municipalities of Amadora, Lisbon and Cascais.

The operation is the result of a 10-month investigation by the PSP, delegated by the 11th Section of the Department of Investigation and Prosecution of Lisbon (DIAP), related to the arrest, trafficking and brokering of weapons.

This investigation was initiated after a signal made by the Arms and Explosives Department and analysis conducted by the Cybercrime Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department, to a publication made in a social network story showing several alleged firearms.

In addition to the arrests, PSP seized a 9 mm calibre pistol, a 32 calibre revolver, a 22 calibre pistol, four 4.5 mm calibre air weapons and a melee weapon.

Also seized were 172 32 calibre ammunition, 29 12 calibre GA ammunition, seven 9 mm calibre ammunition, 363.82 individual doses of hashish, 47.2 individual doses of cocaine, 32.8 individual doses of heroin, 19.8 grams of marijuana, a pot with a cannabis plant about 45 cm high, 254.1 individual doses of undefined product suspected to be cocaine, 6,556 Euros in cash and nine mobile phones.

The operation involved 80 police officers from various branches of the PSP, including the Arms and Explosives Department, the Lisbon Metropolitan Command, the Special Police Unit and the Criminal Investigation Department.

The detainees will be presented to the first judicial interrogation, at the Department of Investigation and Penal Action in Lisbon, on 10 June, for the purpose of applying the measure of coercion.