Unlimited free Covid tests in Lisbon

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Free Covid-19 tests at pharmacies in Lisbon will be unlimited and available to all citizens, including non-residents in the city, under the municipal testing plan.

According Lisbon council, the municipal Covid-19 testing plan “is no longer limited to two monthly tests per resident in the city of Lisbon and now offers an unlimited number of tests, regardless of whether or not you are a resident” in the capital.

Through the municipal covid-19 testing plan, the number of tests carried out at pharmacies and mobile units organised by the City Council and the Red Cross “more than doubled in the last week, going from a daily average of 1,000 tests to more than 3,500 tests/day, on 17 and 18 June”.

“Since March 31, when the programme began, more than 60,000 free tests have been carried out in pharmacies for Lisbon residents”.

In this context, the network of mobile testing points, which is now present in 17 locations, will be reinforced as of this week.

According to the municipality, teams from Lisbon's municipal civil protection services will be present from today in the main commercial areas to raise awareness in local businesses about the importance of testing employees.

The list of pharmacies that are part of the programme can be found here https://www.lisboa.pt/lisboaprotege/saude and tests must be scheduled by telephone.

The region of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo has recorded the highest numbers of covid-19 infection. On Sunday, it registered 641 of the 941 new cases.

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But where get covid 19 vaccination, when don't have residents and "Utele" saude number??

By Erik Nyman from Other on 22-06-2021 11:09

To each their own....believe what you want to believe. Looking forward to my second dose of Moderna. Then I will have a "covipassport"....then I can visit Portugal again! Visit with relatives and normal Portuguese people....they are so friendly. You can stay in your little dark rooms in front of your computers.

By William from Other on 22-06-2021 12:04

This is how they keep you locked in your home and beaten by police. You cannot figure out that the tests are fake and this whole thing has been orchestrated by China to take your freedom and country away while you watch sports and eat Mcdonalds

By Latoysha Adams from UK on 21-06-2021 07:54

A flawed test
An experimental vaccine
We are their human guinea pigs.
Still want to give consent for them to jab you ?
No thanks !

By Victor Lenzi from Porto on 21-06-2021 07:05

Doesn't really matter does it. Just get vaccinated.

By William from Other on 21-06-2021 05:29

A PCR tests positive for a papaya and a goat.
A PCR test that tests Elon Musk 3 times in one day getting different readings each and every time.
A PCR test that is claimed by its creator to be highly inaccurate for testing coronaviruses.
Not sure if they are going to have success giving it free.
Getting desperate more like it.

By Tanguy from Lisbon on 21-06-2021 02:27
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