Where and how we move onwards, is difficult and different for us all. That long tunnel, a vortex that changes shape, sometimes it seems as if we are really struggling against the tide, shifting walls. For a lot of us, it is that sense of being alone. Or, loneliness as a feeling can be frightening. There are of course many groups, or social clubs, that we can join. But hang on! I am on my own, no longer a “we”. We used to be an “us”, now I am just an ‘I’, a ‘me’.

Dingbats21 came in the early hours of one morning, not so long ago, reflecting on just these words, loneliness, alone. How can I change this? How do I move forward? Arriving, for instance, on your own at your old favourite restaurant, daunting. Everyone looking for the other one, the other part of the “us”. Why dingbats? It is a strange word used by the Australians for all sorts of crazy, silly, things. Agitated or annoyed. Silly to think of going out for a coffee? Crazy to think that you can go and meet people for a lunch. On your own? Agitated and annoyed at the futility of life?

Dingbats21 is the way forward, a physical support platform, for people of like minds, in the same situation to join in, learn to laugh again, enjoy, being a part of something. Your new beginning, your new chapter. If we find the sea is suddenly becalmed, feeling lost, treading water, then a life-buoy or a life-belt will be at hand. Someone like you, someone who has been there, knows how you feel to help you along your way. For any dingbats21 enquiries please e-mail chrissie.spencer49@gmail.com.