More than 400,000 digital certificates already issued in Portugal

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Health services have issued more than 400,000 European Union (EU) Covid-19 digital certificates since 16 June, the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS) announced on 24 June.

"The SPMS said that more than 400,000 EU Covid-19 digital certificates have been issued so far: vaccination certificate, test certificate and recovery certificate for infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Since 16 June, it is possible to request this certificate, through the SNS 24 portal, which proves that the bearer has performed a negative screening test for Covid-19, has a full vaccination or has recovered from the infection.

In the Council of Ministers, the decree-law was approved that implements in the Portuguese legal order and regulates this certificate, which, as of 1 July, may be used in international travel and, already this week, in events for which it was already mandatory to present a negative test for the coronavirus, such as baptisms, weddings, events with more than 500 people indoors, or 1,000 outdoors.

"It is foreseen that the EU Covid Digital Certificates can be used in matters of air and sea traffic, circulation in national territory and access to events of a cultural, sporting, corporate or family nature," specified the statement from the Council of Ministers.

The Government has also decided to maintain next weekend the ban on movement into or out of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML), but it is planned that those with a digital certificate or a negative test for Covid-19 will not be subject to this restriction.

Designed to facilitate the return to free movement within the EU, this 'laissez-passer', which should be free of charge, will function in a similar way to a travel boarding pass, in digital and/or paper format, with a QR code to be easily read by electronic devices, and in the citizen's national language and in English.

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My wife and I will be traveling to Portugal in April. We have be vaccinated and have vaccination cards as proof. Will they be sufficient to enter the country?

By Joe Figueiredo from USA on 30-06-2021 02:44

Struggled to get the Certificates but success came when I cut and pasted the access codes from their emails. Putting the codes in via the keyboard was rejected every time. Maybe this will help somebody!

By Beetzme from Algarve on 29-06-2021 06:50

When I put in my SNS number into the portal, it advises me that I am only able to do a limited number of actions and will not allow me to download the certificate.

By Linda from Porto on 29-06-2021 06:24

This article is very useful and efficient , Last weel i had my first shot, very efficient process and very fast . On the 22nd ee will get the 2nd shot and then will ask for the certificate.

By FEDERICO from Lisbon on 27-06-2021 09:56

I got my second shot a week ago and the portal keeps saying my information is not available for the vaccination certificate?

By ALEX TOTH from Lisbon on 27-06-2021 07:43

Great idea. No vaccination, no passport, no travel. For those complaining about putting poison in your body: how many of you smoke, drink, have Botox, lip fillers and consume drugs?

By Ian Clay from Lisbon on 27-06-2021 06:36

I live in Olivera da hospital. I’m waiting for my appointment for the SEF for reunification with my husband a Portuguese resident from the EU I can’t

get a vaccine even asked a lawyer to help me as I really need to travel for work soon and still no response.. this is truly a bad situation and I feel it’s racist towards foreigners waiting for. The SEF that doesn’t answer our calls for months .. and not being able to get vaccinated.. when in other countries even tourist are getting vaccinated if they are stuck in the country ..

By M Schulze from Other on 27-06-2021 12:07

I'm through with International Travel via Airplanes and etc...I'll save the money and go hiking for free In Geres and etc. where's there's Fresh air, bird's chirping, wild fragrant flowers to smell...You know, The Green area's...400,000 in a country of 10 plus million...Nice Try...Bye Bye Now...

By Sakamoto Saurez from Other on 26-06-2021 10:58

How do i get the EU certificate as foreigner, portugal resident and not being in the SNS? I got the vaccination with a provisional SNS Number in Lisbon, cause i am waiting for my official SNS Number since 6 month. But i was told you get the EU Certificate only with an official SNS Number.

By Mr Foreigner from Lisbon on 26-06-2021 07:28

What's the use of that? It only costs taxpayers money completely unnecessarily. This should be scrapped when the WHO considers that "the danger is over". I take my test and show it when I travel, nothing else is needed. Of course, I'm not vaccinated and will never take the poison. You can travel with a regular test, no problems.

By Liz from Lisbon on 26-06-2021 07:27

Credit to the organisation.
This came into place fast.
And I had no problem logging into the portal and get my certificate.
Even without beeing Portuguese citizen.
I have my UTENTE number, and I am vacinated by SNS.
So the infomation was there.

A good surprice that was an easy process.


By Gustav from Algarve on 26-06-2021 05:23

Mark of the Beast.
All we need are them 5G towers to turn on.
First step to Cyborg life.

By Horace from Other on 26-06-2021 03:22
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