According to a joint balance sheet from GNR, PSP and Autoridade Nacional de Segurança Rodoviária (ANSR), during the campaign, which ran from 23 to 29 June,2,065 accidents were registered that caused 10 deaths, 44 serious injuries and 679 light injuries.

Compared to the same period in 2020, there were 255 more accidents, four more fatalities, 11 more seriously injured and 111 more slightly injured.

During the campaign, GNR and PSP inspected 52,835 vehicles and 10,494 offences were recorded, of which 1,185 related to the non-use or incorrect use of safety devices (seat belts, helmets and child restraint systems).

The campaign aimed to alert drivers and all vehicle occupants to the importance of always using safety devices correctly.

As part of the 2021 National Enforcement Plan, the campaign was disseminated through digital media and five ANSR awareness-raising actions, carried out simultaneously with the enforcement operations conducted by GNR and PSP in Alenquer (Lisbon), Faro, Beja, Caldas da Rainha (Leiria) and Almeirim (Santarém).

The National Enforcement Plan, under the National Strategic Plan for Road Safety (PENSE 2020), provides for awareness campaigns to be carried out simultaneously with enforcement operations, in places where infractions that represent an increased risk for the occurrence of accidents regularly occur