In a joint statement, the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR), GNR and PSP report that, in total, 2,386,661 vehicles were inspected by speed control by radar, 91% of which by the SINCRO - National Road Control System. Speed, the responsibility of ANSR.

Of the vehicles inspected, 10,591 were traveling at excessive speed, of which 4,964 were detected by the radars of the security forces and 5,627 by those of the ANSR, according to the note.

The campaign, which ran from April 20 to 26, was intended to warn of the risks of speeding, one of the main causes of road accidents.

The initiative was promoted on social media and through five ANSR awareness actions, carried out simultaneously with the inspection operations done by GNR and by PSP, in Alverca, Ovar, Tortosendo, Elvas and Porto Santo, where 544 drivers and passengers were sensitized.

“On a 10-kilometer trip, increasing the speed from 45 to 50 km/hour only allows you to gain 1 minute and 20 seconds, however, a reduced speed difference can make the difference between life and death”, was one of the messages released during the campaign.

With regard to accidents, between 20 and 26 April there were a total of 2,005 accidents, resulting in four fatalities, 31 seriously injured and 614 minor injuries.

The authorities also report that, compared to the same period in 2020, there were 1,075 more accidents, one more fatal victim, another 20 seriously injured and another 355 minor injuries.